Forgiveness Day

Wednesday July 5, 2017

Just like the smile, forgiveness is also part of a universal language. Everyone no matter which race, culture or country they belong to, understand it. It is when you forgive or are forgiven that your Soul begins to heal. It is with forgiveness that the load of suffering starts to disappear.

However, how should one ask for forgiveness? Param Pujya Dadashri has shown us a way to ask for forgiveness without even needing to say a word to the other person. He explains that we should see the God within the person we have hurt and heartily ask for forgiveness internally for what we have done to hurt them. So for example, if we hurt someone with our speech then we would say, ‘O Lord within [opposite person’s name].  I have spoken in a harsh manner and that is a fault of mine. I am repenting for this mistake. I am asking for your forgiveness. I am resolving not to repeat this mistake. Please give me the strength not to repeat the mistake again.'

If we are able to ask for forgiveness for our mistakes, repent for them and then make a vow never to repeat them again, then the other person will get positive vibrations. This will help us resolve all our conflicts. Over time and with the asking of forgiveness the burden on the relationship will lessen and it will improve.

Numerous people have used this technique and have experienced a change in their lives you can too…

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