Many Followers shared their experiences during the Spiritual Discourses with Pujya Deepakbhai Desai, in San Jose (California). Here are a few of their experiences:

One follower shared their experience saying, “For the past 18 years I have performed so many rituals, but I was never able to stop hurting others. After taking part in the Gnan (Self Realization) Ceremony, two years ago, I have stopped hurting others.”

Another follower said, “After taking Gnan my life has changed so much. My whole family lives like we are friends and we have completely stopped hurting others.”

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Another follower shared, “After taking Gnan, from within I immediately obtain the realization of how to maintain equanimity when dealing with people at work. This is in spite of the fact that I am not studying Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s Spiritual Science in depth.”

Yet another follower shared, “After taking Gnan, I start my interactions with my colleagues by first seeing the Pure Soul within them. Once I see the Pure Soul within the opposite person, I also try to see the opposite person’s point of view and the situation they are in. In this way all the tasks get completed very easily. Everybody including the boss says that there have been a lot of changes within me.”

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