The ideal world we aspire for is completely different from the world in which we all reside. In our world, people tend to quarrel over trivial matters, people are unable to have meaningful relationships with their parents, friends, colleagues, partners, kids, and others, people fail to understand the true purpose of life. In our world, people hold grudges for a lifetime and vent their frustrations on near and dear ones. Life is not complex, we are. The older we get, the more we complicate our lives.

Jova Jevi Duniya’, which translates to ‘A World Worth Exploring’ is a whole new world. It is the world that we are all looking for, where there is peace in every heart, where people love each other, where every relationship is respected, where people are free from their past and live life to the fullest. So transform your life from negativity to overwhelming positivity at Jova Jevi Duniya.the destination that will reveal the ‘secrets of life’ that will lead you to a much happier life.

This mega event showcasing a better world, commemorates the 111th birthday of Akram Vignani Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan. The 1-1-1 signifies: 1) The fully enlightened absolute soul, Lord Simandhar Swami; 2) The unmatched, unparalleled, ‘never before, never again’ Gnani Purush, Shree Dada Bhagwan and 3) The embodiment of pure love, Niruma…who has completed 50 glorious years with the Knowledge of the Self.

The ‘Jova Jevi Duniya’ event is going to be held in November this year, but the team had initiated the celebration right from April with ‘Prachaar’. The prachaar activity was planned well in advance to reach out to over 3.5 lakh followers personally. Teams of mahatmas were specially trained to call up followers and take their availability for a short visit to invite them to the event. Then at the decided time, mahatmas visited the homes of followers with a Prachaar Kit. During the visit, mahatmas gave a short verbal introduction about the mega event and presented the kit. Till date, we have reached approximately 76,000 homes. The kit which was artistically and innovatively designed also had a handwritten invitation letter from Pujyashree Deepakbhai. Included in the kit was a brief information note and a questionnaire based on the concept of Jova Jevi Duniya. This was the first communication about the event and it was in personalized way.

The Event

This mega event ‘Jova Jevi Duniya’, will be held from the 15th to 25th of November, 2018. Anyone and everyone who seeks peace and happiness should visit Jova Jevi Duniya. Visit the entire 11-day celebration and participate in the jubilation, Satsangs and various activities organized across 18 domes spread over a huge campus.

Elements in Jova Jevi Duniya (JJD)

Jova Jevi Duniya is loaded sensational shows and activities. The Opening & Closing Ceremony of the event will mesmerize you. A Theme Park will be constructed based on impressive and breathtaking themes which will be innovatively developed as Domes. ‘Gnani Ni Chaya (GNC)’ which translates into ‘The Shelter of the Gnani’, is a kids and youth park which will have thematic domes designed to educate and enthrall kids and youth. The spiritual discourses will present a special opportunity to interact with and have your questions answered by Atma Gnani Pujyashree Deepakbhai Desai. These question answer satsangs will provide insights on how to lead a practical and a happier life.

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