Excellent Experience

Tuesday August 5, 2014

An excellent experience of an African American Follower, Iya Ibeji.

She faced a lot of difficulties from the very beginning of the life. Being in depression, she began meditation and found some relief. But still she had questions that - Who am I really?  Who is responsible for intolerable conditions of the world? Then someone introduce her to attain the event which would bring great awareness of life and lasting bliss. Although she didn’t really understand what this ‘event’ was, she began to feel very strongly that she had to be there. Despite the obstacles, she participated in the event known as “Gnan Vidhi”.  

Her experience after attaining “Gnan Vidhi” is as:

A sense of calmness and peace that I had never known before seemed to fill my days. I could not explain how, I just knew it was there and not only that, most of the negative thoughts were gone. It has been 3 years since I received Gnan Vidhi, feelings of hopelessness, depression, victimization, anger, fear, resentment, hatred, and on and on, are no longer a part of my life. Having peace of mind, knowing who I am and that we are all connected and that there is no difference in us gives me hope and understanding and peace that I never thought possible. This, for me was a turning point! I realized that I was at the threshold of understanding how the world operates and who I am.

Gnan Vidhi (7)

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