Happy Children’s Day!

Monday November 13, 2017

As soon as November 14th arrives, children all over India look forward to celebrate Children’s Day, as on this day they have special celebrations in their schools. It is actually the birthday of Shree Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, who used to love children.

Children are quick learners and therefore you may have observed that it is often easier to teach a child than an adult. But have you ever thought, what we can learn from children? Let us have a look at what a child can teach us.

If you observe a child, you will find: 

  • He is always ready to learn new things.
  • He is always in his natural and spontaneous form, he never worries what people will think about him or what will happen in the future and hence always lives freely.
  • He heartily accepts his mistakes and wishes not to repeat them again.
  • He does not hesitate to do good things, if he thinks it is ok.
  • He is intellect-free and thereby has no opinions for whomever he meets.
  • He is happy for no reason and forgets problems easily.
  • He does things for himself, not to show others.

Gnanis (the Self-Realized Ones) also have such childlike traits. The only difference is that a child’s ego and intellect are in a dormant state whereas the Gnani’s ego and intellect have been permanently dissolved by acquiring the right understanding and right knowledge.

A wise man would ask, ‘Why only learn from a child? Why not dissolve the intellect and ego completely and remain as freely as the Gnani lives?’

But is this possible?

Surely it is!

This can happen after we gain the knowledge of the Self from the Gnani. This right knowledge and understanding allow us to remain in a state as free as the Gnani’s, while continuing to engage in worldly life.

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