Amba School of Excellence is giving education to some children of labor class and this was reported in the newspaper called “Sandesh Press” on thursday 4th October, 2012. It reports as :

Children of The Hard Working Laborers Are Educated By Children Of Amba School Of Exellence

A student of standard 10, came up with a thought to give education to the children of the labors who are working in the construction department of Dada Bhagwan Foundation. He presented his thoughts to the school team and they were ready to support him. At present there are 18 to 20 children of age 12 who are given education. These children are those who never dream of going to school. The teachers of the school are also helping children to achieve this goal.

They are also planning to make a separate group of the labors children who work in the school. In the future they plan to give these children separate classes after the school hours. School children  are very excited and eager to begin this work.

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