Happy Birthday Pujyashree!!!

9th May – is a very special day, for on this day, Nature gifted us our precious Pujyashree!

This year, the birthday celebrations began with a one-hour Kirtan Bhakti, where every Mahatma prayed for a long and healthy life of Pujyashree, so that He could carry out the Jagatklayan work without any obstruction or interruption whatsoever.

At about 10am, Pujyashree first did the darshan of Simandhar Swami, located within his premises and then He drew down to Mandir, where along with Simandhar Swami, He took the blessings of Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan and the other Gods and Goddesses too. He also went to Samadhi to take the special blessings of dear Pujya Niruma. 

During this time, every nook and corner of the Trimandir campus was overflowing with Mahatmas, eagerly waiting to have just one glimpse of their Gnani. As Pujyashree moved, whether in car or on foot, on Him only, was every eye glued; and on their lips was an ecstatic smile, which even on their own birthday, one would never find. 

“Happy Birthday Pujyashree”, “Long live Pujyashree”, “Wish you a healthy and blissful life Pujyashree”,… were the kind of wishes gushing out from the bottom of every heart!

Also this time, there was a unique ‘Sukhdi distribution’ programme, planned on this occasion.

A few days prior to the event, an announcement was made that we all Mahatmas shall prepare Sukhdi (a Gujarati sweet) at home, and bring it to the Venue Kitchen (the Distribution Centre) for the other Mahatmas. 

The whole idea was designed based on Pujyashree’s heartfelt desire that we all learn to give happiness (Sukh) to others, as the Universal principle is such that when we give happiness, we get happiness. Hence, this Sukhdi distribution programme! Interesting, isn’t it?! This idea appealed to all the Mahatmas; and therefore, almost every home in Simandhar City participated in this event.

As the clock struck 4pm, thousands of grams of Sukhdi started pouring in from the entire township, which went on until late evening. And mind you, this wasn’t a one-way street; every Mahatma that brought in Sukhdi, in return, took back home a lot of Sukhdi brought by others too. Thus, a perfect illustration of what you give is what you get, when you give happiness (Sukhdi), you get happiness (Sukhdi) ☺!! The atmosphere in the entire kitchen area was oozing with positivity and love all over.

Also, on this special day, at 8pm, a grand Spiritual Concert was organized at the Dada Bhagwan Convention Centre, so that Mahatmas could spend some time with Pujyashree, doing bhakti and celebrating this special day along with their Gnani. While on one hand, through the beautiful devotional songs, Mahatmas paid their heart-felt obeisance in the lotus feet of Gnani, on the other, little kids enchanted their hearts through their beautiful dance performance. The icing on the cake were Pujyashree’s blessings that ended the programme. He said that let us all support the Dada’s goal of, “Whosoever I meet must experience happiness (Sukh)“, and thus decide today that, “May no living being be caused slightest hurt, such be our words, actions and thoughts!” 

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