Dada Bhagwan’s 106th Janma Jayanti (birth anniversary) was celebrated in a grand manner in Bharuch (Gujarat), India from 13th November to 17th November. There were numerous highlights during the 5 day event.


Not only was there a Theme Park designed for people of all ages, there was also an entire Children’s Park especially for children. The Children’s Park included theme based exhibitions, play zones, puppet shows, animation films, and many other interactive activities. Before this event, volunteers showed 50,000 children from 106 schools a presentation on Dada Bhagwan, out of which children from 27 schools came and gave excellent presentations on various topics such as saints, Spiritual Masters and devotional worship (bhakti). The presentations were made in an Amphitheatre that was specially created for the event.

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Here is a glimpse of the questions asked by attendees:

Questioner: Please explain the difference between humility (vinaya) and absolute humility (param vinay)?

Pujyashree: Vinaya is what one feels for a Guru, while param vinaya refers to what one feels for the Enlightened One (Gnani Purush).

Questioner: What is the shape of the Soul?

Pujyashree: It’s like water, which takes the shape of the glass it is poured into. In the same way, the Soul takes the shape of the body it is in.

Questioner: What is the difference between the feeling (bhaav) of devotion and dedication (aradhana) and the feeling (bhaav) of disrespect (viradhana)?

Pujyashree: To climb stairs is aradhana and to break down stairs is viradhana. While reading a newspaper, how many negative bhaav arises within, all those bhaav are viradhak bhaav.

Questioner: I have heard that one should let the ego flow, not to hold it. What does this mean?

Pujyashree: When we go beyond the present into the past or into the future, the ego is not flowing. When we are prejudice we have brought the past into the present – doing this disturbs everything. While having an opinion means we are bringing the future into the present – this also disturbs everything.

Questioner: I can see that Param Pujya Dadashri’s followers are completely intoxicated by Dadashri, what is the scientific reason behind this?

Pujyashree: There is a reason. Why does one get married, to become happy? Everyone is trying various means to become happy, whether it is by getting married, owning a business, having children etc. But no one is obtaining happiness. Only through Dadashri, are his followers getting real happiness, which is why they are intoxicated by Dadashri.


Pujyashree also shared a few details regarding Dadashri, here are a few of them:

It is very difficult to describe Dadashri; one has to be a perfect jeweler to know the true worth of a diamond. It is not possible to find such a person in this time.

Pujya Dada Bhagwan decided to wait and not attain ultimate salvation just yet, because of three things:

1) He believed that there should be way for married people to go to liberation (moksha)

2) He believed that women should also be able to progress on the path to moksha and that they should be able to attain an advanced stage in the experience of the Soul.

3) And he wanted to figure out who is running this world – because of this he discovered that the world is run on the natural energy of scientific circumstantial evidences (vyavasthit shakti).

Dadashri has complete oneness, first with all his followers, then with all the remaining human beings and subsequently with all the living beings in the world.

Janma Jayanti Day


Photo showing glimpses of the spectacular celebration in Bharuch.

A special discourse session with Pujyashree was organized for the 2700 volunteers who worked tirelessly during the Janma Jayanti event.


Here is an awesome experience showing the dedication, grace, sincerity, and service (seva) without the inner hidden enemies of anger, pride, deceit and greed.

Due to non-stop rain, an enormous amount of water had collected on the grounds where the event was to be celebrated. It was deemed impossible to hold this event but Dadashri’s followers, from the surrounding areas collectively gave continuous service for 1 month prior to the event, in order to help take out all the water. They did not return to their own lands to take care of their crops, in fact they used their personal tractors for this event and for their agricultural needs they hired tractors and paid rent for them.

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