Shree Simandhar Swami Janma Kalyanak

The auspicious occasion of Janma Kalyanak of Lord Simandhar Swami falls on 10th day of waning moon in the first Hindu month of Chaitra as per the Vir Samvat reckoning system. Born at midnight, the Lord is a living Arihant Tirthankara in Mahavideh Kshetra, another world outside our galaxy but within our universe. Because of the strong intent from a former birth, Simandhar Swami has a karmic account to propagate the Moksha Marg (the path of ultimate liberation from the birth and death cycles) for the living beings on Earth.

By connecting with the Lord through the grace of Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan (the Enlightened Being), one binds favorable karmas due to which she or he is born in the Mahavideh Kshetra in future. There, one will experience His pratyaksh darshan (“in-person” devotional vision) the result of which is instant achievement of Keval Gnan (the final spiritual state of absolute Self-knowledge). Then, one attains Moksha after completing any pending karmas.

Simandhar -Swami -Janma -Kalyanak

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Mahavir Jayanti:Take Away His Key of Non-Violence

Falling on 13th day of waxing moon in the first Hindu month of Chaitra every year, Mahavir Jayanti marks the birthday of Lord Mahavir, the last in the galaxy of 24 Tirthankaras (prophets). The current disciples or followers flock to His shrines in Gujarat or to nearby holy places for prayers and religious rituals. However, have you ever thought who the real follower of the Lord is?

According to Param Pujya Dadashri, “A true disciple of Lord Mahavir sees decreasing numbers of faults in others. He may not completely stop seeing faults in others, but at least there is a decrease in the number of times that he does.”

When the shepherd pushed thorns into the Lord’s ears, even then who did the Lord see as guilty? The Lord saw in His Gnan that His own karma had now come into fruition, and therefore, did not see his tormentor at fault. This is the foundation behind His preaching of absolute non-violence, not to hurt any living being from mind, speech, and body.

When someone picks your pocket and you do not see him at fault, and if this vision prevails in countless other similar circumstances, know that you will achieve liberation like Lord Mahavir who managed to attain the same without binding karma through the flawless vision. This is Atma Gnan, the knowledge of Self, due to which you start to see everyone as faultless. Therefore, the real significance of celebrating Mahavir Jayanti is to make your vision flawless for others through Gnan that is possible to achieve even today. 

Mahavir Jayanti

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Gnan experiences of German followers

In Willingen, Germany, during the spiritual discourse of Pujya Deepakbhai many old German followers shared their wonderful experiences on how they are progressing in Gnan (knowledge of the self). They also talked about how they followed Gnan during their time of need and how it made the results fruitful.

 Expereince Of Germans

 Some of the beautiful experiences are mentioned below:

  • One of the followers shared his experience on how he can feel separation from the body through Gnan during his critical condition.
  • Another follower talked about how she was capable of handling her husband’s health issue with the understanding of Gnan.
  • Even with heavy financial loss a follower experienced inner peace within.
  • Through the knowledge of the self one was able to resolve 30 years worth of conflicts with mother.
  • One was successful to avoid clashes of the past 22 years with husband.  

Germans Expereince

Gnan Experience

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UK Special Children’s Session

Children from UK had a special session with Pujya Deepakbhai.

Kids With Pujyashree

80 Children from all ages, namely babies aged 3 to 7 years, little children aged 8 to 12 years, as well as teenagers aged 13 to 21 years, both boys and girls showed off their talents by performing beautiful dances, interesting dramas and singing songs.

Kids 1

Kids 2

Kids 3

Kids 4

The dances were followed by a photo session with Pujya Deepakbhai. The children also had the incredible opportunity to ask Pujya Deepakbhai questions in a special Question-Answer session just for them.

Lmht Photo Session

Y Mht Girls

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