Navratri is an opportunity to pray to Mataji and get immersed in her bhakti. Devotees do this by doing garba, singing her aarti and stuti (singing her praises).

But why should we do bhakti? Is it just to experience peace? Moreover, can a person involved in worldly affairs do bhakti? The answer is yes! As, bhakti is not about how much you pray God but with what intent you pray. Bhakti is simply a selfless connection and communication with God through songs and hymns.

And its outcomes are tremendous!

- The inherent characteristic traits (prakruti) start becoming natural and the hidden energies within you start to develop.

Bhakti develops our heart, pacifies our intellect and settles our mind.

-  The movement of the body and clapping while truly engrossed in bhakti or garba will remove the impurities within oneself.

- True devotion pleases God and the devotee will be showered with His grace.

So why not be a part of bhakti this Navratri and be blessed with Mataji’s grace!


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Self Realization Ceremony In Pune, India

Monday September 11, 2017

In Pune, India 1255 (800 Marathi Speaking new followers) took Gnan Vidhi (Self-Realization ceremony) on 10th Sep, 2017.


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Happy Teacher’s Day!

Monday September 4, 2017

A teacher, in our time of need…

The world celebrates Teacher’s Day to honor and express it’s gratitude towards teachers for their priceless contribution to each individual, as well as the community as a whole.

Yet, the importance of a real teacher or a Guru is unknown to many. Param Pujya Dadashri explains the importance of a guru using an example. He says if we do not know the way to the station, then it is a problem. However, if along the way, we encounter someone who knows the way, then we will reach the station quickly. We only realize the value of someone who knows the way i.e.: a teacher, in our time of need.

All we have to do is be grateful and respectful to our teachers. This is very important if we are to gain any knowledge from them because no knowledge of any kind can be attained without a Guru. Teachers are necessary for our personal growth and they are the ones who imbibe life values within us such as humility, generosity, and teamwork. With the help of a worldly teacher, we are able to solve our problems and walk on the right path.

If on the other hand, we wish to gain spiritual knowledge and Enlightenment we must work according to the guidance of a Gnani Purush (The Enlightened One). Under His guidance, we can fight our inner enemies - the mind, intellect and ego. This is only possible if we place our complete faith in Him. Only then can we receive the benefits of our devotion.

So how do you know if you have chosen the right guru? Param Pujya Dadashri says that, “A true Guru is one whose very sight makes our heads bow with respect”.

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Samvatsari… A Peaceful Beginning

Wednesday August 23, 2017

Paryushan is an 8 to 10 day Jain festival. On the last day of this auspicious festival is Samvatsari. On this day, everyone asks for forgiveness from all living beings by doing pratikraman. It is a noble task to ask for forgiveness directly from the one you have hurt.

In Akram Vignan, during Samvatsari, everyone in the same family bows down to each other’s feet to seek forgiveness for their hurtful behaviour throughout life and pledge not to do it again. This is done in the presence of the Gnani Purush Pujya Deepakbhai.

While asking for forgiveness, tears of hearty repentance help in washing away mistakes. The effect of one-to-one bowing is tremendous because one’s ego is bowing down in front of the opposite person’s ego. When the ego bows down one becomes humble and feels light within. 

Come be a part of this incredible event and feel lighter as never before!

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Self Realization Ceremony In Adalaj, India

Wednesday August 16, 2017

In Adalaj, India 1250 new people took Gnan Vidhi (Self-Realization ceremony) on 13th Aug, 2017.

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