Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thursday February 11, 2021

Today is Valentine’s day, the day to celebrate love!

Love gives lifelong happiness, provided it is real. But how do we know the love is real or illusory?

Today, in the name of love, selfishness and feign is widely prevalent. Also, by getting lured in the fantasy of having a relationship, one often plunges into it without giving any adequate thought to it. How can such love be anywhere close to the real love then?

We fail to recognise true love as we are generally not aware how is this love actually and how do we develop such love within us? So come, let’s learn more about what are the characteristics of true love.

True love takes us to the destination of Godly Love

  • One having true love does not change their certificate (opinions) for the other person based on someone’s good or bad behaviour, for behaviour is dependent on the circumstances one is surrounded with. If one’s opinion does change, it means it is worldly attachment and not true love.
  • Where there’s worldly attachment, one usually keeps pointing out mistakes, based on one’s own misunderstandings. However, true love never finds any flaw in the person one loves.
  • Where there is true love, there are no expectations. Whether the better-half performs his / her duty well or not, whether they help you in return or not etc., true love remains as it is, undisturbed and unperturbed.
  • True love always puts forward the needs of the other person, while dealing with any situation. Rather than me, my, mine, it gives priority to other’s feelings, and before deciding on any matter, it always takes into consideration the points that signify welfare of all and which leads to achievement of the overall long-term goal.
  • True love never hurts others whether loved, ignored, cheated or betrayed. One that retaliates or harnesses the feeling of revenge is not said to be true love.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “Real love exists where there is no selfishness; where there are no feelings of ‘yours and mine’. Wherever there is a feeling of ‘yours and mine’, there is definitely selfishness there and ignorance of the Self as well. It is because of this ignorance that people have feelings of ‘this is mine and this is yours’. When one acquires Gnan (Self-Realization), one ceases to have feelings of ‘mine and yours’ and attains real love."

So come, let’s rise above selfish love, ascend to true love, and aim for the ultimate real love

This Valentine’s day, let’s pray that may every living being in this world be graced by Gnani with the gift of real love that liberates. Real love is unadulterated and pure. Such unadulterated Godly love transforms man into God!

Bye Bye 2020 and Welcome 2021

Friday December 25, 2020

Welcome New Year 2021

2020! A year that was…

2020 was a challenging year on the global level. The pandemic changed a lot of things around us. In fact, it questioned the vulnerability of human existence on this planet.

Though the year 2020 was filled with uncertainty and despair but we must not forget that every bad situation surely teaches us lessons that we wouldn’t have learnt otherwise. This short time out from our fast paced life forced us to reexamine our priorities, our relationships, our values and even ourselves.

In situations like these, where a common man might feel helpless and lost, Self- Realized Souls have an extra-ordinary way of taking things in their stride and progressing ahead on the spiritual path.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan was one such person who since the manifestation of Gnan (Self Realization) never got affected or upset with any external circumstances or events. His state of awareness is evident from the fact that if He was running a fever and someone was to ask Him, “Do you have fever?” He would respond by saying, “Yes, A. M. Patel (The physical body) has fever, and I am aware of that.”

There are two ways to deal with situations in life. One is by staying positive in every situation that one has to face and another way is to realize who we really are with the grace of an enlightened person.

What sets an enlightened person (Gnani) apart from the common man?

It is His way of looking at things that arises from the true knowledge of the Self and the world around Him. And the best part is that He is able to bestow this knowledge of the Self to others too. This science of effortlessly attaining Self Realization came to be known as Akram Vignan. This science not only helps one progress spiritually, but also helps one carry out worldly interactions with ease. Tens of thousands of people around the world have experienced enormous benefits of Akram Vignan in this most difficult time of their life. Why not we then?

So come, as we are about to enter the new year, let’s resolve to get the knowledge of our true Self from Current Living Gnani (Pujyashree Deepakbhai Desai) at the earliest so that we too can live a life filled with immense positivity and sheer bliss. Wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Happy Diwali!

Tuesday November 10, 2020

Diwali is coming and the world around is all set to welcome it with a new zest. It is the biggest festival, celebrated and considered auspicious by people, across various castes and religions. Rows full of lamps are lit that display and communicate vibrancy. The lamps symbolically indicate that we shall remain bright and full of energy at every stage of life we are given to pass through. Remaining so may not change our circumstances, but it will certainly build in the spirit to overcome the problems and sustain through life.

How can we bring this vibrancy into ourselves while going through various facets and stages of life?

Through Right understanding!!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “The right understanding that has become wrong is the reason why bitter fruits have come about. Wrong understanding is misery and right understanding is happiness.” Thus it is the understanding that one has, or one receives from outside, which becomes the basis of the misery or the happiness one experiences in life. So, whenever we feel miserable in life, we need to understand that there is some ignorance or lack of understanding on our part, which is responsible for it.

Let us understand with the help of the below narrated incidences, how we tend to suffer by our wrong understanding and how can we come out of that suffering through right understanding.

Suppose someone insulted you by saying, “You have no brains, you are foolish!” What would happen to you then? You would get upset and annoyed, right? But just think and see, whatever he said, isn’t it a fact? You do not have knowledge or understanding regarding so many worldly matters. And one or two matters in which you may have knowledge, also may not be up to the mark when compared with the depth of the knowledge the experts have reached. Then, why should anything that is a fact said, affect you?

It is because we believe that, “I am smart, I know everything (in spite of knowing mere one or two things).” It’s only this wrong understanding that upsets us and makes us feel insulted.

If someone insults you saying, “You are useless”, why to get upset? Can you not set it up, saying, “That’s true. I am indeed useless and unworthy for this world. But definitely, I am worthy for liberation.”

So, it’s not only about a common man, even Enlightened beings, at their elevated stage, face circumstances that could be disturbing; but they remained steadfast and furthermore, in equanimity, both outwards and within. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “Understanding is referred to that which does not allow one to trip and fall.” And the ultimate right understanding is gained when we receive the knowledge of ‘Who am I’ and ‘Who is the doer’ from the Enlightened One. This helps us solve any problem in life!

Hence, on this auspicious occasion of Diwali, let’s clear all the cob-webs of wrong understandings that have caused immense misery to us, and illuminate our life with the light of the Right understanding.

Happy Navratri !

Thursday October 15, 2020

Navratri is a nine nights’ festival of devotion and bhakti, celebrated with a lot of fervour and faith, towards the great Goddess Amba Ma!

The devotees, during these nine days, observe total fasts, meaning they eat nothing at all; and at night, they celebrate by playing garba, a traditional Gujarati dance, performed to the tunes of the devotional songs in praise of the divine Goddess Amba.

In eastern India, this festival is also marked by the grand Durga Puja, done on the tenth day, to celebrate the splendid victory of Shakti of Maa Durga over the evil (of the demon Mahisasur).

Amba Mataji is presently a living celestial being, residing in the higher heavens (Devlok)! She is a symbol of Adhyashakti, meaning the original energy force. She represents the power of sahaj prakruti (the energy of the natural state of being). Therefore, if one knows how to worship her rightly, one stands to gain lots in his worldly life.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan explains, “Anyone who wants a prakruti that brings worldly benefits, they should worship Mataji, the Goddess Mother. And those who want Moksha [ultimate liberation] should worship the Soul [the real Self]. Those who want both should worship both.”

What is the right way to worship Amba Mataji?

Each celestial God or Goddess (Dev or Devi) have their set of rules. And one who abides by those rules, the celestial beings naturally remain highly pleased with them.

Gnanis never break or violate any of their rules. They give due respect to them and always consult them before taking any important steps. That’s the reason all Gods and Goddesses remain pleased with Gnani. They give them immense protection by being present around them all the time. The grace of the celestial beings constantly flows upon Gnani. They are always with Him, providing Him complete protection and endless support in the work for the salvation of the world!

Thus, abiding by the rules set by Goddess Amba Ma indeed is the right way of worshipping Her!

How do we abide by the rules of Goddess Amba Ma?

When we do not do anything that breaks the natural state of prakruti, we are said to have abided by the rules of Goddess Amba Mataji. In other words, when we try and maintain unity in our thoughts, words and actions, when we say what we think and do what we say, we are said to have abided by the rules of Mataji.

What are the benefits of abiding by the rules of Goddess Amba Ma?

  • When our intention is pure and our efforts are sincere in maintaining unity in what we think, say and do, we are blessed with enormous power of the body-complex (mind, speech and body).
  • Amba Ma is an embodiment of energy. So, when unity of mind speech and body energy happens, we attain the energy.
  • Goddess Amba Ma gives us strength to destroy our worldly obstacles.
  • Our prakruti (the worldly self) becomes natural, powerful and is energized.
  • We experience peace and harmony within us.

So come, this Navratri, let’s strengthen the bond of our faith and devotion towards Amba Mataji by abiding by her rules very and seek her powerful blessings to progress well in life!



Happy Teacher’s Day!!

Thursday September 3, 2020

Teachers are like Navigators who drive us onto the Right Path!

In India, 5th September is celebrated as a Teacher’s Day, to mark the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishan, the first Vice President of India, who has been a great teacher indeed and a philosopher too. It is a day to pay tribute to all teachers, who play an extraordinary role in moulding people into good human beings.

Teachers impart knowledge that establishes in us the right understanding. They equip us with enormous strength to battle any kind of hardship in life. The presence of teachers or Gurus in our life is extremely important for our academic, social as well as spiritual progress.

However, to benefit to the fullest from this teacher-student relationship, it is imperative for the latter to maintain utter humility and complete sincerity towards their teachers.

Teachers Enlighten our Path to Progress!

History is laden with umpteen examples that demonstrate how a disciple reaches the pinnacle in his life, owing to his exceptional respect, humility, dedication and devotion towards his Guru (teacher). Chanakya and Chandragupta, Dronacharya and Arjun, Shivaji Maharaj and Ramdas Swami are some of the iconic examples of an ideal Guru-shishya relationship! These examples are famous not because of the achievements of the shishya as much as they are remembered for the divine virtuous bond that the shishya shared with his Guru!!

The Law of Nature is Such that when We Surrender to our Guru, We Attain His Energies!

To explain this, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan cites an example of two water tanks joined by a pipe. No matter how much water is in one tank, the other tank quickly picks up the same level of water. That is the power of true samarpan (surrender) to Guru!!

But unfortunately, today, with the changing times, these virtues are seen to be taking a backseat. At many places, students tend to openly badmouth or criticize their teachers. No, this is not right! We must know there are grave dangers in doing so.

Must Never Criticize or Even See Faults of Teachers / Gurus

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan emphatically says, “Once you have made someone your Guru, if you are going to criticize him, then this weakness will get in the way of your progress. Instead, it is better that you do not make him your Guru. Otherwise there is a terrible liability in doing so.”

By seeing faults in teachers / Guru or criticizing them, the disciple can ruin all his gains in no time. All the efforts and achievements of the disciple go to waste. Doing so, one not only binds heavy demerit karma but also hinders his progress in life.

Hence, on this Teacher’s Day, let us pledge to never again criticize or see faults of our teachers at all. We’ll respect them always! After all, our progress depends on them.

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