Self Realization Ceremony In Adalaj, India

Wednesday August 16, 2017

In Adalaj, India 1250 new people took Gnan Vidhi (Self-Realization ceremony) on 13th Aug, 2017.

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Happy Janmashtami!

Sunday August 13, 2017

The Birth of Lord Krishna and the Birth of a Nation

One of the most auspicious festivals celebrated in India is Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna. This year 2017, is a unique year, as both Janmashtami and the Indian Independence Day fall on the same day!

Every year, Independence Day, commemorates India’s independence. It marks the sacrifices of many great heroes in their effort to make India free. Even though India is free today, we remain to free ourselves from the clutches of our inner enemies like anger, pride, deceit and greed. How long will we be bound by these? The answer is, until we realize our true Self.

On the other hand, Janmashtami, is celebrated all over the world in a very vibrant way. It includes singing, fasting, going to the temple, praying together, and preparing and sharing special food. However, along with devotion, one needs to understand how he can attain liberation. In the battlefield of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna imparted the knowledge of the Self to Arjuna, with the help of which Arjuna could fight the war without charging any karma. This allowed him to attain liberation in that very lifetime.

Lord Krishna preached about surrendering to Him, meaning His own true Self (the Soul). Therefore, a true devotee is the one who understands and follows His message to attain real freedom from the cycle of birth and death and attain permanent happiness.

So let us all celebrate both these auspicious occasions with Lord Krishna’s divine vision in our hearts. Let us direct this new found vision towards our real freedom as a true devotee as well as accomplishing the goal of human life to its fullest.

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Happy Rakshabandhan!

Sunday August 6, 2017

You have surely celebrated the auspicious occasion of Rakshabandan. You might have tied a rakhi (sacred thread) on someone or might have been tied a rakhi by someone, as Rakshabandan is not restricted to only siblings.

How wonderful would it be, if we found someone to tie a rakhi to who is with us, not only in this life but also for the lives to come…?

How amazing it would be, if we found someone who assures us protection not only against external evils, but against inner vices as well!

Let this festival allow us to be bound to the Eternal One… to God Himself…

We all believe in different entities whom we call God.

Let us take His refuge and tie Him our ‘Rakhi’.

At Adalaj Trimandir, we tie Rakhis to Simandhar Swami, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva and the other Gods and Goddesses, in the presence of the living Gnani. Thereby, asking for Their protection from all odds that may come our way on the path to salvation

So come and witness this divine festival in a new form here, where Rakshabandhan is celebrated as a bond with the Eternal.


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Friends define Who We Are

Saturday August 5, 2017

We cannot choose our family, but we can choose our friends. That is what makes this relation unique. Around your friends, you can be who you are. They are the ones who do not judge you for what you are but let you be the way you are. That is why you are more comfortable when you are with your friends.

Param Pujya Dadashri says, ‘You get influenced by the company you keep.’ Therefore, our friends define who we are. They are to a certain extent responsible for our growth and development. Therefore, it is very essential to have a healthy group of friends.

A good friend is the one who would guide you on the right path and discourage you from doing something wrong. On the other hand, bad company makes it possible for you to fall instantly. This kind of company adversely affects one’s mind, intellect, ego and body. It is like fireworks; it sets your clothes on fire as it goes off. So beware and know that bad company is a burning fire.

On the other hand, good friends can lift up your spirit. Good friends can change the whole being of a man. However, this change takes time because it is harder to climb upwards. Yet if one stays away from bad company and remains in touch with good friends this can be achieved.

Yet we lose good friends, why?

It often so happens that when someone helps or guides us, we develop attachment and possessiveness for that person. This further gives rise to expectations. And when these expectations are not fulfilled, we feel negative for the person and gradually tend to go away from him. Instead, when we find help of a good friend we can learn those unique qualities from him and in turn be a good friend to someone else.

Let this Friendship Day be the perfect time to pledge to be with healthy friends and refrain from bad company.

Let’s be an example of a good friend guiding and directing everyone around us to a good path…

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On 3rd August, 60 new people took Gnan Vidhi (Self-Realization ceremony) in Atlanta, GA, USA


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