International Day of Happiness

Thursday March 18, 2021

Human life is a journey! Right from birth unto death, one goes through series of events and circumstances. And the decision or the action that one takes, at every juncture, is majorly influenced by some strong factor or feeling; the most prominent of them being, one’s desire to be happy.

It’s because man is in a constant search of happiness! Be it in professional life or in the social circle, whether it’s about fulfilling one’s duty and commitments or hanging around with close family and friends, one is always seeking pleasure in everything and from everywhere. Yet, most of the times, one is found to be feeling not so happy within. Why?!

Today, being the International Happiness Day, come, let’s take this opportunity to understand why at all do we experience unhappiness of any kind, and thereby also find out the way how we can remain always happy in life.

Conflict on every small matter has become a kind of an order of the day in most people’s life, today. Amidst these conflicts and clashes, obviously, how can one remain happy? So, how do we restore happiness in our lives?

Param Pujya DadaBhagwan says, “People are unhappy due to lack of understanding!”

This means most of the sadness we go through in life is due to our own lack of understanding. We can understand this from the fact that so many times, when we are unhappy, we find that others in the same situation are quite happy. If the situation was responsible for our unhappiness, everyone, when put in that situation, should have been unhappy just like us, isn’t it? However, that is not the case!

This means we are unhappy and the other person is not, because somewhere we lack the understanding that the other person exhibits in the given situation. We should find out what that understanding is. because that’s the right understanding! Whatever understanding helps one remain happy, irrespective of the situation or circumstance, is said to be the right understanding.

So, first of all, we’ll try to find out the reason why we feel unhappiness. Since it is we who are unhappy, we can surely derive the cause behind it too. If we are able to recognize and pinpoint that which is holding us back and keeping us in pain, we will find the way out of this unhappiness too, by setting the right understanding that can do away with that particular cause. The end result will be bountiful unhappiness then!

Generally, it is our own insistences over petty things, our fixed opinions regarding trivial matters, our view point differences with others, differing perceptions over regular subjects, our self-limiting beliefs, our self-created boundaries, our  own anger, our pride, our deceit and greed, which brings in this uninvited guest called ‘unhappiness’ into our life!

But, right understanding is like light; the moment it arrives, it drives out the darkness of unhappiness in no time.

Next, wherefrom can we obtain the right understanding?

You can find a huge repository of enlightened words of the Enlightened One at in the form of free books, videos and webpages that provide simple and effective solutions of various causes that niggle us day in and day out, not allowing us to remain happy!

So come, on this International Day of Happiness, let’s resolve to make our world a happy place, by making ‘right understanding’ our way of life!


Pujya Niruma’s Punyatithi

Tuesday March 16, 2021

The world we are living in is rapidly changing…and today it is changing faster than ever before. Along with the external changes, we often keep changing internally too, based on our experiences and everyday learning. Sometimes amidst this chaos around us, someone comes into our life and this by- chance meeting changes the course of our entire life, sometimes for the best!

This is what happened with a young girl named Niranjana (Niruben) from Aurangabad who was studying to become a doctor and serve mankind. The life-changing event happened when she was in her final year at college, and the rest is a story of inspiration and motivation for all.

Let’s read about some of the incidents that happened in the life of the little ‘Niranjana’, which made her rise to the state of ‘Niruma’ (an icon of Pure Love)!


Whilst in her final year at college, Niranjana’s (Niruben’s) brother told her about Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened One, with whose grace, anyone could attain Self Realization. Her brother said, this knowledge was so powerful that no worldly troubles or worries would touch her thereafter. Though this incidence might, on the face of it, appear as an ordinary one, but it wasn’t so!

It was special in two ways –

  1. Firstly, the fact that such great Souls exist around us, in today’s era! and
  2. Secondly, we are privileged to know about them and can even meet them in person.

 Accordingly, Niruben met Param Pujya Dadashri for the first time in Vadodra. This special meeting happened on June 29 1968. Instantly, upon seeing Dadashri, she felt as if she had known him for many past lives and was now being reunited with him.

At that time, a strong desire arose within her, 'How wonderful would it be if I could serve Param Pujya Dadashri until my final breath!' In this first meeting itself, in her heart, she completely surrendered to the Gnani. Thus, this seemingly simple meeting was profound in its own way, as within few moments of meeting, Niruben felt a strong connection with the Gnani and felt a sense of belonging and surrender!

This one thing then led to another!.


Very soon after this meeting, Niruben attained Self Realization from Param Pujya Dadashri, on July 8 1968 and had the distinct experience of the Self, being separate from Niruben, her relative self. This experience convinced her that the enlightenment she received from Param Pujya Dadashri was indeed working from within.

Amidst all of this, everyone in her family was looking forward to the young Niruben setting up her own medical practice. Her father had plans to build a hospital for her. However, by now, Niruben had a different plan in her mind. She thought, “As a medical doctor, I can only alleviate physical ailments. However, if I were to serve the Gnani, I can help so many people suffering from mental, emotional and worldly ailments; as Dadashri would be able to grace them with this unique knowledge of Akram Vignan.” There are so many doctors to help people with their health, but there is only one Gnani Purush to liberate them!

With this lofty purpose in mind, she resolved to spend her life in service of Param Pujya Dadashri and help Him spread this knowledge that instilled peace and liberated people from worries and suffering. Thus in 1968, at a tender age of twenty-three, she traded a life filled with worldly comforts for one of devoted service to the Gnani Purush. This was another milestone in Niruben’s life which changed the course of not only her life but of many others too, through her. Within a very short time, she became an exemplary model of seva (selfless service).

Niruben’s only goal was to help Param Pujya Dadashri fulfill his profound desire of ‘the world attaining liberation through the simple path of Akram Vignan.’


In 1987, greatly satisfied with Niruben’s progress, Param Pujya Dadashri, in His final days, said, "I am very pleased with you Niruben. This Niruben is a great instrument for the world's salvation. Niruben, you will have to become a mother to the whole world. Whenever Niruben wants, Dadashri will speak from within."

Thus, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan blessed Niruben with His special spiritual powers so that she too could grace others with Self Realization and continue the work. She in turn, promised to fulfil His vision for the world's salvation, until her last breath. Nothing could ever deter her unflinching determination to fulfill the promise she had given to Param Pujya Dadashri. People lovingly called her Niruma (the mother of all).

She continued the mission till the last breath of life! On March 19 2006, Pujya Niruma passed away in a state of absolute samadhi (a blissful state, resulting from being in the state of Pure Soul awareness and complete detachment from the body).

Her final message to all was, "Live with Love.Promise?"

Many people witnessed Pujya Niruma's spiritual energies during Her physical presence, but countless more are still experiencing Her subtle energies even today!

On this occasion of Pujya Niruma’s Punyatithi, let us all remember Her and vow to continue Her mission in our own little ways, and make a special prayer to her, “Dear Niruma, May you be the guiding light for all of us, so that we too can soon become ‘an icon of pure love’ like you!”


Happy Maha Shivratri!

Tuesday March 9, 2021

Happy Maha Shivratri!

Maha Shivratri is a special occasion when we connect with Lord Shiva, and thus ourselves.

Lord Shiva is known by several names like Mahadev, Mahesh, Bholenath, Neelkanth, etc.

In scriptures, He is described as –

  • An omniscient Yogi, leading an ascetic life on Mount Kailash; and
  • A celestial householder, living with His wife Goddess Parvati, and two sons namely, Lord Ganesh and Lord Kartikeya.

Indian mythology is full of exemplary feats of Lord Shiva as He is among one of the most revered Gods in Hinduism. There are several tales related to life of Lord Shiva. Most famous amongst them are about Him performing the Tandava Nritya, and even He drinking poison from the urn from Samudra Manthan, which gave Him the name, Neelkanth.

Various groups of people worship Him with complete dedication and a deep faith in their hearts that Lord Shiva shall remove all obstacles from their life and will bless their household. Unmarried girls worship Him with a belief that doing so will get them a good husband and some also observe a fast in the name of Lord Shiva to this effect.

The non-sectarian ‘Trimandir, present at various locations in India, houses Lord Shiva as one of the main Gods in the temple, to serve as a reminder to His devotees that one’s ultimate objective of human life is to attain the state of ‘Shiva’ from the current state of ‘jiva’. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened One, gives us an interesting explanation of the contrast in the terms ‘jiva’ and ‘Shiva’. According to Him, identifying one’s self as the relative or the worldly self is ‘jiva’, whereas remaining in the awareness that our real Self is the Soul or the Atma, and not the worldly self, is called ‘Shiva’.

Isn’t it interesting to discover that the Lord, whom we have always worshipped, is our very own Self?! And in order to experience this fact, all that is required is the grace of the Enlightened One, Gnani Purush, to attain Self-Realization.

Reading the above, an obvious question that might arise in everyone’s mind is: If I realize my real Self, can I also become ‘Shiva’?

Well, the answer is Yes!

Param Pujya Dadashri says, “One is a Shiva, but illusion has arisen; wrong belief has set in. However it doesn’t take long for the jiva to be Shiva again.” All that is required is replacing our wrong belief about the Self, that of, ‘I am John’ with the right belief of ‘I am a Pure Soul.’

Hence, on this pious day of Maha Shivratri, let us all pledge to attain the real Self and become one with the ‘Shiva’ Himself.


Today, Pujyashree Deepakbhai completes fifty years (the Golden jubilee) of having attained Gnan (Self-realization)!

Pujyashree Deepakbhai is the present torch bearer, enlightening the entire world with Akram Science, as founded by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan! Pujya Niruma moulded Him for the cause; and thereafter assigned Him this service for salvation of the world, which is being accomplished day in and day out, with unfailing sincerity and utmost humility. One, among His many prominent qualities that have helped Him scale to such great heights, both in the realm of Self as well as in the domain of service to the world, is His extraordinary humbleness.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, while explaining the significance of humbleness, says,

‘How do I become smaller (humbler)?’ maintaining this attitude, when one pulls down his ego to the lowest (humblest), the Knowledge of the Self shall blossom within him, tremendously! The tall ego (i.e. I am something, I am better, I know better, extra emphasis on the worldly ‘I’) always brings veils over Knowledge whereas the humblest ego unveils that Knowledge.

Humbleness is a virtue that can be vividly seen in every conduct of Pujyashree Deepakbhai

Here are few instances which go on to highlight, how humble He is

  1. Whenever someone praises any of His worldly skills or spiritual achievements, He promptly says, ‘it’s all by grace of Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan!’ and thus passes on the entire credit in the lotus feet of Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan. He sincerely believes that had He not have received the grace of Param Pujya Dadashri, the attainment of His present state of being would not have come to being. This is what keeps Him grounded inspite of having risen so high!
  2. Many a times, when small kids ask Him some question in satsang, He interacts with them in exactly the same manner, as He would when an elderly person asked Him some question. Do you know why? Revealing the secret behind this gesture of His, He says, ‘the child you see as a three-year-old is actually eighty (the assumed age of child’s past life) plus three (the age of child in present life) i.e. eighty-three years old; and hence he / she deserves that kind of respect.’ This is how He maintains complete humility towards the young ones too!
  3. At the tender age of seventeen, He got associated with Param Pujya Dadashri. Ever since, He has actively engaged Himself in whatever service He could provide to support the mammoth cause of the salvation of the world. He had never hesitated in picking up a broom and cleaning the satsang hall, before and after the satsang, or carrying the luggage of elderly spiritual seekers who came to attend Dadashri’s discourse. He would even go and buy grocery so that the food for attendees can be prepared on time.

His inner intent was always to be of some help to people who rendered direct service of Param Pujya Dadashri, so that they could remain free to contribute in a better manner for the cause of salvation of world.

Also, He preferred to serve at the backend, knowing well that many others were quite desperate to remain near Param Pujya Dadashri and attain His divine grace. Nothing could remain hidden from Param Pujya Dadashri though. Param Pujya Dadashri would silently observe Pujyashree Deepakbhai’s sincerity in each of the tasks He rendered, and He minutely appreciated His virtuous inner state and the enormous spiritual progress that this young lad had made in a very small time period. Seeing all of this, Param Pujya Dadashri would specifically call Him ahead and encourage Him to ask questions. He would say, ‘I like when you ask questions.’ And in His last days, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan gave Him immense opportunity to remain in His direct service too.

This shows that by grounding his ego, Pujyashree Deepakbhai did not make any loss; on the contrary it helped the hidden jewel inside Him shine even brighter than before!

  1. Pujyashree Deepakbhai has never allowed any negative emotion to overrule in His case; he would nip the evil in the bud right away, by applying Gnan (the teachings of Gnani). This is how He has attained the great spiritual height, He is at, today.
  2. He has always harnessed the humblest belief of, ‘I am smaller than others’, as a consequence of which, He is able to successfully observe and appreciate the good qualities of others.

These examples teach us how we too can practice humbleness in our life by setting Pujyashree Deepakbhai in our eyes as the living example.

And on this special day, when Pujyashree Deepakbhai completes His glorious fifty years of Self-realization, come, let us all earnestly pray to God that, ‘May Pujyashree Deepakbhai attain the greatest possible height in the realm of Self and with His grace, may the whole world progress on the path of liberation!’

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thursday February 11, 2021

Today is Valentine’s day, the day to celebrate love!

Love gives lifelong happiness, provided it is real. But how do we know the love is real or illusory?

Today, in the name of love, selfishness and feign is widely prevalent. Also, by getting lured in the fantasy of having a relationship, one often plunges into it without giving any adequate thought to it. How can such love be anywhere close to the real love then?

We fail to recognise true love as we are generally not aware how is this love actually and how do we develop such love within us? So come, let’s learn more about what are the characteristics of true love.

True love takes us to the destination of Godly Love

  • One having true love does not change their certificate (opinions) for the other person based on someone’s good or bad behaviour, for behaviour is dependent on the circumstances one is surrounded with. If one’s opinion does change, it means it is worldly attachment and not true love.
  • Where there’s worldly attachment, one usually keeps pointing out mistakes, based on one’s own misunderstandings. However, true love never finds any flaw in the person one loves.
  • Where there is true love, there are no expectations. Whether the better-half performs his / her duty well or not, whether they help you in return or not etc., true love remains as it is, undisturbed and unperturbed.
  • True love always puts forward the needs of the other person, while dealing with any situation. Rather than me, my, mine, it gives priority to other’s feelings, and before deciding on any matter, it always takes into consideration the points that signify welfare of all and which leads to achievement of the overall long-term goal.
  • True love never hurts others whether loved, ignored, cheated or betrayed. One that retaliates or harnesses the feeling of revenge is not said to be true love.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “Real love exists where there is no selfishness; where there are no feelings of ‘yours and mine’. Wherever there is a feeling of ‘yours and mine’, there is definitely selfishness there and ignorance of the Self as well. It is because of this ignorance that people have feelings of ‘this is mine and this is yours’. When one acquires Gnan (Self-Realization), one ceases to have feelings of ‘mine and yours’ and attains real love."

So come, let’s rise above selfish love, ascend to true love, and aim for the ultimate real love

This Valentine’s day, let’s pray that may every living being in this world be graced by Gnani with the gift of real love that liberates. Real love is unadulterated and pure. Such unadulterated Godly love transforms man into God!

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