1725 new seekers took Self Realization through Gnan Vidhi Ceremony in Surat, India on 19th May. 

Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday May 11, 2019

Out of all the relationships that we develop during our lifetime, our bond with our mother is the oldest. It goes back to the time even before our birth. Though it is the most valued relationship but often it is also the most complex one. We know that we owe so much to our mother; yet we almost always take them for granted.

In the initial years of our growing up, her role in our life isn’t just that of a caretaker who looks after our health, safety, food etc. She also teaches us the basic life skills and values, which we wouldn’t have learnt otherwise. But as we grow older, we often start undermining her worth and tend to immerse ourselves more in the other newly found pleasures of life like friends, money, fame, achievement etc. We might even dislike her for all the imposed rules and her words of caution; but despite all this, she always remains an invisible steady constant in our life.

Param Pujya Dadashri says, “In this world, we are greatly indebted to three people: father, mother and Guru! They have guided us towards the right path, so their obligations can never be forgotten.” No matter what our achievement in life is, it can never change the fact that our relationship with our mother will always remain the most important relationship we’ll ever have.

Pujya Dadashri has laid special emphasis to being respectful to our parents and serving them sincerely. He cautions us, saying, “The person who sees faults in his/her parents will never prosper. Such a person may become materially wealthy, but she/he will never progress spiritually. How can we forget their obligations?” He further says, “When children remain obedient and ‘aadhin’ (heartily surrendered) to their parents at all times, even if they don’t like doing so, they will experience peace and happiness from within.”

On this Mother’s Day, let us revive our bonds with our mothers by saying these simple words to her, ‘MOM, I AM SORRY’ for all the past mistakes and the hurt caused to her, knowingly and unknowingly. Although a single day isn’t enough to recognise her tall contribution in our life, but it does give us a chance to undo our mistakes by asking for her forgiveness. Remember, this is the ONLY bond that is strong enough to withstand all the ups and downs under any circumstances. Hence, let us make this Mother’s Day a special day by paying an earnest tribute to our mother, who is the reason for our very existence!

Happy Birthday Pujya Deepakbhai!

Tuesday May 7, 2019

Pujya Deepakbhai Desai was born in Morbi on the remarkable day of May 9th 1953! He is the youngest in his family and an Engineer by profession.

At the tender age of seventeen, his elder brother brought him to Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan. He was seeing Dada for the first time and Akram Science was totally new to Him. However, this meeting transformed his life completely, and he is now leading Param Pujya Dadashri’s mission. Anyone who meets or sees Pujya Deepakbhai, gets captivated. Just seeing him smile creates bliss within. Such is stage of spirituality, Pujya Deepakbhai has attained within!!!

From excerpts from Param Pujya Dadashri, today, let us learn the possible reasons behind his liberated smile, and how is it that by just seeing him, everyone feels bliss inside:

[1] His purity of money, sexuality and pride attracts everyone and keeps them in bliss.

When can salvation of people happen?

When we become pure, absolutely pure! Purity, itself attracts everyone, it attracts the entire world! Pure people attract the world.

[2] Bliss through His darshan, being the result of His inner joyful state.

Gnani Purush has no internal difficulty whatsoever. As He Himself is in a spontaneous joyful state, when another person simply does darshan of His, spontaneous joyful state of bliss arises for that person.

[3] Importance of encountering Absolutely Self-Realized person.

The bliss comes from within, but when the circumstance of encountering the Absolutely Self-realized person (Gnani Purush) takes place, then bliss overflows.

[4] Science behind the liberated smile.

As long as even one person is seen to be at fault, a liberated smile without any tension cannot arise. When the entire world appears flawless, that is when a liberated smile will arise. And with a liberated smile, one can bring about salvation. Even if one were to just see the One with a liberated smile, he will attain salvation!

If anyone’s mind distances from you, then You have distanced yourself from absolute Knowledge (keval Gnan)! Hence, minimum number of minds should be distanced from you. Otherwise, a liberated smile will not come. And without a liberated smile the world will not yield to you. Until then, the salvation of the world cannot happen.

So, on this special occasion, let us make a firm determination to meet Pujya Deepakbhai and experience the effects of his liberated smile firsthand, as soon as we can!

Simandhar Swami Janma Kalyanak

Saturday April 27, 2019

There have been countless of Tirthankaras in the past, and infinite number of people have attained salvation in their divine presence. The inner knowledge of all Tirthankaras is identical in every respect; their teachings never contradict from one another. However, when we invoke the worship of the present, living Tirthankara, it is of supreme value, as the vibrations of His absolute pure Self and the atoms of his physical body are presently floating in the atmosphere.

Just like Lord Mahavira was a Tirthankara, who attained Moksh around two thousand five hundred years ago; Lord Simandhar Swami is the Living Tirthankara, who is currently present in Mahavideh-Kshetra right now!!! Tirthankaras conquer the inner enemies such as anger, pride, attachment and greed, and attain Kevalgnan (Omniscience)!!! 

One cannot attain liberation without the presence of the Living Tirthankara. Through Tirthankara’s divine darshan and His divine speech, highly developed people (spiritually) attain the ultimate milestone of kevalgnan, while many take their first step on the path of liberation by getting the  glimpse of ‘I am separate from my body’ in Lord’s presence. These are exclusive privileges that Nature has granted to Tirthankars alone, in the entire Universe!!!

So let’s look forward to attaining Self-Realization from the Living Gnani, in this lifetime; and in our next birth, attain salvation from the Living Tirthankara!!! As a step in this direction, on this auspicious day of the Lord’s birthday, let’s earnestly pray to Lord Simandhar Swami that:

“Dear Lord, Please give me Your protection forever and bestow Your grace upon me so that I meet the Living Gnani and realize my real Self!”

 Our deep inner intent is the key!!




Hanuman Jayanti

Thursday April 18, 2019

Scriptures of Ramayana has given us an Ideal symbol of Strength, devotion and celibacy in form of Lord Hanuman. Hanuman Jayanti is birthday of this celibate God. His devotion towards Lord Ram has not met any comparisons. His devotion includes in being best example of using his talents and capacities to the fullest in the Lord’s service. When Lord Ram’s wife, Sita was kidnapped by the demon king Ravana, He jumped, across thousands of miles of fathomless ocean to warn Ravana to release her just being the messenger for his Lord Ram. Taking the initiative, directing and participating in the construction of a bridge across the ocean to Lanka, to lend path for army to march across the sea. This bridge, who’s every stone showed the ultima of his devotion, as it was built by inscription of Lord Ram name on it. These are very few examples showing his great devotion towards Lord Ram.

Devotion is something that will allow you to sail across even if you do not know the way. Let’s learn something more about devotion through vision of Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan.

What is Devotion? There are two paths of devotion. One is indirect (paroksh) devotion, which yields worldly fruit while it gradually elevates you spiritually. The second is direct (pratyaksh) devotion, which is directed towards the One in whom God has manifested.

Devotion should be towards whom? Devotion should be towards those who are higher than you. You cannot worship anyone without first knowing their attributes. One cannot have devotion if there is no compatibility and in the absence of a strong liking for it. Bhakti cannot be done without a liking for it.

What is Nature of Devotion? You become like the one you worship. If you worship marble you will become like marble, if you worship a black stone, you will become like the black stone, if you worship a picture you will become like that picture and if you worship ‘Dada’, you will become like ‘Dada’.

Importance of Knowing god before bhakti

Dadashri : Dear lady, do you want moksha or something else?

Questioner : Instead of moksha, it would be nice if I get to do Bhakti.

Dadashri : Do you know the God whose bhakti you are doing at the moment? Where does he live? How tall is he? How many children does he have? For countless lives, you have done indirect (paroksha) bhakti, without knowing God. You do not achieve anything by doing that.

Devotion and  Faith

Questioner : Is there a difference between bhakti (devotion) and faith?

Dadashri : Faith is established in the words by reading scriptures. One will develop devotion for Lord Krishna if he develops faith in the words of Lord Krishna. He begins with an adjustment with a sentence from someone, then he develops faith on that, and then the bhakti begins. Then if he develops faith in someone else’s writings, he will not be able to adjust with the former and his faith in him will become unstable. Here in Dada’s satsang, the faith is established with you in the initial experience of the Self (nischay) and such faith is conviction (pratiti) which remains with you until final liberation.

Devotion (Bhakti) and Liberation

Questioner : Does a person have to do bhakti in order to be liberated?

Dadashri : Bhakti helps one acquire the tools for the path of liberation. Bhakti of the vitarag Lords is only for liberation.

So let us all collectively on his birthday, pray and ask God Hanuman to instill the true devotion as of his so as to progress not only spiritually but also towards our goals in life.

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